Easy Breakfast Potatoes

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January 16, 2024

Do you need to whip up a delicious breakfast for your family quickly? Your search ends here! This simple breakfast potatoes preparation method enables you to craft a delightful morning meal that will be a hit with everyone. Begin by peeling and chopping potatoes, boil them until they’re tender, and refrigerate for use throughout the week. This time-saving step lets you prepare a fantastic breakfast in half the usual time.

For our breakfast, we relish either breakfast tacos or a sunny-side-up egg atop breakfast potatoes. This uncomplicated preparation affords me the opportunity to ensure everyone’s content. I cook a batch of potatoes to accommodate everyone, and once they’re done, I portion them out for each dish.

My husband favors his tacos with MorningStar breakfast sausage links. I take the cooked potatoes, chop up the MorningStar breakfast sausage, add an egg, and sprinkle taco cheese. He tops it off with hot sauce.

As for myself, I savor potatoes with a sunny-side-up egg, Boar’s Head Deli meat, and cheese. I take the cooked potatoes, incorporate Boar’s Head Everroast Chicken, and dice Boar’s Head white American cheese, finishing it with a perfectly cooked sunny-side-up egg.

Breakfast Potatoes

Easy Breakfast Potatoes

This simple breakfast potatoes preparation method enables you to craft a delightful morning meal that will be a hit with everyone. Create Breakfast Tacos or a Breakfast Bowl in 5 minute's
Servings 4 people
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1 Frying Pan


  • 2 cups pre-cooked potatoes
  • Cheese
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 small tortillas
  • 4 sausage links
  • seasoning


  • Add your pre-cooked potatoes to the frying pan.
  • Add seasoning to the potatoes; I love Tony Chachere seasoning.
  • Mix the potatoes regularly until you get the crispness you like.
  • Add Sausage if you desire.
  • Add an egg to the mix in the frying pan.
  • Add the cheese of your liking.
  • Place cooked ingredients on Tortilla for your Breakfast Tacos.



feel free to add or subtract the ingredients of your liking.  Breakfast Tacos are so easy to make and mix and match ingredients. Enjoy!
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Breakfast Bowl, Breakfast potatoes, Breakfast Tacos

The choice of potato for breakfast potatoes depends on your desired texture and flavor. Consider these popular options:

Yukon Gold:

  • Creamy texture.
  • Rich, buttery flavor.
  • Holds its shape well when cooked.

Russet (Idaho):

  • Fluffy texture inside, crispy outside.
  • Neutral flavor.
  • Great for hash browns or home fries.

Red Potatoes:

  • Waxy texture.
  • Holds shape and has a slightly sweet taste.
  • Good for breakfast potatoes with skins on.

Fingerling Potatoes:

  • Small and elongated.
  • Firm texture.
  • Nutty flavor.
  • Good for roasting or sautéing.

New Potatoes:

  • Small and tender.
  • Thin skin.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Ideal for boiling or pan-frying.

Choose the potato type based on your preferences for texture and taste. Yukon Gold and Russet potatoes are commonly used for breakfast potatoes due to their versatility and ability to hold up well during cooking. You can also mix different types for varied textures and flavors. Leaving the skins on can enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your breakfast potatoes.

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