Simple Yet Delicious Tuna Melt Sandwich

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February 19, 2024

Discovering fresh and exciting recipes for the whole family can sometimes pose a challenge. In my childhood, I harbored a dislike for canned tuna, likely stemming from my dad’s peculiar creation—a concoction of tuna, pasta, and canned soup that didn’t quite sit well with me. Despite my initial aversion, it turned out that warm canned tuna wasn’t the culprit; I simply didn’t share the same enthusiasm for the dish as the rest of my family. However, when it came to a tuna melt, the tables turned, and I indulged in as many as I pleased.

My mom’s tuna melt recipe is a breeze to whip up, boasting simplicity and a delightful flavor profile. It requires just a handful of ingredients: tuna, mayonnaise, pickles, American cheese, salt, pepper, and hamburger buns. Alternatively, you can incorporate your preferred tuna salad recipe and meld it with mine.

Here’s the straightforward tuna melt recipe:

  1. Start with your preferred canned tuna in water. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, enough to evenly coat the tuna.
  2. Toss in 2 tablespoons of diced pickles, adding a delightful crunch to the mix.
  3. Introduce 2 slices of American cheese, torn into pieces, ensuring a creamy texture when melted. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Season the mixture with salt and pepper to taste, blending the flavors seamlessly.
  5. Spoon a generous portion of the tuna mixture onto each hamburger bun.
  6. Wrap each tuna sandwich securely in tin foil, readying them for the next step.
  7. Position the foil-wrapped sandwiches at the center of a preheated 350-degree oven and bake for approximately 15 minutes.
  8. Perform a quick check by pulling out one tuna melt to ensure the cheese has melted through the sandwich. If so, it’s time to take them out of the oven.

Now, savor the fruits of your labor—a delectable and effortlessly crafted homemade tuna melt. Enjoy the delightful combination of flavors in each bite!

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